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Paul Furlong Business Growth Mentor & coachPaul Furlong Business Growth Mentor & coach

Business Development Strategy!
Planning & Analysis

Difficulties in converting business strategies into real 
and effective action?

Do you need to improve productivity & create smoother day to day operation?
Need to create systems, procedures & checklist to facilitate successful business operation?

Experiencing the frustration of delivering your marketing & promotions to the market & not getting the results you want & need to grow your business & attract profitable customers & sales? 
Do you need to Identify your target market & create powerful copy, ads & sales campaigns to effectively hit your target market?                                                           

Are you getting the best from your staff & is there job ownership, excitement & commitment. 
Do you need your staff to become more productive?

Does your business own you? Are you working harder for your business than your business is working for you? Can you walk away confidently knowing you have the right people in the right job performing for you?

                                                                                                                                                                                    Paul Furlong

I believe there a two vital keys to achieving greater business success & moving your business to the next level of growth . .

1 - Knowledge. The right kind that gets results when implemented, tried & try basic wisdom & practical understanding that leads you to better business control & results! 
2 -Action. Without action even if your on the right road you won't get anywhere. I find that in many business environments you can get too busy just doing what needs to be done sometimes you can miss the real important action & business planning you need to keep moving forward the smart way!.

As a coach & mentor in smart business operation & marketing, I can provide invaluable assistance & business analysis of your current business process & needs that you require & work alongside you to guide & help you implement smart changes that will improve & create far greater business success & growth.

Contact me now & let me assess your operation to assist you in change that will benefit you & your business. Limited free offer below (conditions apply)

Paul Furlong is an Endorsed Education Provider/Consultant BBI (Better Business Institute of Australia)
& Senior Consultant BBA (Better Business Advice - Coaching & Consulting Services Australia)

SAD FACTS... within 4 years 80% of business owners don't achieve success. In fact over a 10 year span, SADLY 24 out of 25 businesses don't achieve success! - enough doom & gloom, this is not going to be you! . . . . as long as you are smart enough to be proactive & take smart business action! . . . As your business coach I show you how to create far greater sales, more customers & business growth that you may be missing out on. SIMPLY by knowing HOW, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN to market or promote your services or products effective & powerfully to maximize YOUR results & response.

Working with YOU asYOUR business coach...                                        
I will help you 
increase your sales with hands on smart business coaching & marketing strategies!

Working with YOU as YOUR business coach...
I Will provide coaching that will show you how to 
effectively promote, market & advertise your products & services with marketing strategies that have increased response in many businesses as much as 830% within weeks! The average response on a well established business is usually min' 35% within 3 months & many smaller businesses far more!

Working with YOU as YOUR business coach . . .
My coaching will show you how to 
increase & attract more customers & clients!

Working with YOU as YOUR business coach,
I will help you to motivate your people to get the job done well & motivate
 commitment & drive! Experienced coaching can make all the difference in your success & happy staff.
Working with YOU as YOUR business coach,
I will show you how to implement procedures &  systems to increase you day to day 
success & smoother operation to 
reduce your stress & free you time.Coaching in smoother operation is priceless.



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