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KNOWNo time is wasted in working diligently on your business with you! If you are ready . . . . . . . . . .

"YOU know YOUR product. I know how to identify YOUR Most Profitable Target Market & successfully market & promote YOUR business to them successfully!"

On this Australian Business Coaching site you will see what types of businesses we provide exceptional business growth & business help to, & how we increase their profits. Read of their marketing success & business success. Business success comes, when you act upon the proven marketing & operational business advice given you from "Better Business Advice" & Australian business coaching.  

Clients I have personally have engaged!  - Nurseries, Conveyancers, Mechanics, Importers & Wholesalers, Wreckers, Legal Processors, Craft shops, Commercial Cleaners, Funeral Directors, Pre-School, Maintenance & Handyman, Shop fitters, Manufacturers, Engineers & commercial cutters, Builders, Panel Shops, Bridal & Hire Wear, General  Store, Wellness 

Industry, Massage therapist,Chiropractor, Hair Dressers, Bin Hire, Phone Shop,Upholstery, Computer Sales,repair, Manufacturer & Importers, Produce & stock feeds, Roof &Gutter installers, Concrete finishers & paving, Fabric Shop, Pot manufacturers, Electricians, Paint shops, Window Manufacturer, Florist, Aquarium & Pet Shop, Funeral Directors, Child Care Centers, Builders - Garage sales & installation, Concreter's & paving specialists. Air conditioning & Heating, Photography Printers, Promotional Products & many  more . . . . . . . . . .

Their Say!

If YOU want to increase YOUR business success & create more profits, more income, greater market share, motivate YOUR people & enjoy more time off without the stress . . . . .  then I can work alongside YOU to make it happen! No matter what industry YOU operate in, or what product YOU sell, or service YOU offer. . . . . . . . . No matter what size business YOU are Business Coaching Australia & "Better Business Advice" operates & works as a business consultant Melbourne,  & offers exceptional service in every Australian state! Paul guarantees to meet with you personally & then with the technology of email, fax & phone.     No time is wasted in working diligently on your business with you!

"YOU KNOW" your trade or expertise, "I KNOW" how to promote & market you to get results & more customers!


I work in all fields of business operation, you see, no matter what the product or service YOU offer, the people are the same you sell to!  

Yesterday I dared to struggle.              
Today I dare to win.
 Bernadette Devlin

Here's what some of my clients say
( I do protect the details of all my clients in privacy) 

"Paul Furlong has been a very valuable asset to my business. Paul has brought with him abounding energy & encouragement, together with sound knowledge of marketing strategies. Very easy to talk to, readily available & very quick & astute in his action. Paul seems able to present me with options that I hadn’t thought of, & then I suddenly know what to do next & I’m on my way again. 
I highly recommend Paul Furlong as a business consultant, he really has changed my business prospects dramatically."

Chiropractor - Jane

"I have increased my results & sales from only one ad. Paul Furlong designed for
me by 833% in the first 10 days. As a result I’ve been busy ever since. I’m very
happy. Also the service, backup & personal contact maintained with me from
my business coach has been very impressive & consistent."

Bin Hire -  Neil

"In just a short time we must acknowledge the good results 
we are experiencing like never before. We are looking forward 
to implementing your marketing program to everyday business
  Cutting Professionals -John

"Hi Paul, just a brief note to thank you for your recent help. Your patience & professionalism in leading us through this process with such a great conclusion was wonderful. Thanks for all your assistance." Yarrabee/Castlemaine Slate - J. Hardy

"I engaged Paul at the commencement of my business, as I wanted to get it right from the beginning & not waste my time & money. The response from all the marketing campaigns have been amazing. 6 months into my business, I am steadily growing a further 35% every month consistently on average. I'm very happy" - Retail Naomi

"Hi Paul. Thought I would let you know results of my mail out. Sales were up 95%. This is the second campaign you have written for me that's resulted in fantastic response. After 13 years in business it's great to see an overall increase of 35% in only a few months. Thanks so much"  - Retail Debra

"Paul, I have just had 8 days holiday, which has been the first in 3-4 years that I have been able to leave my business without the worry.  I come back to find all running smoothly & in order, & my income not effected. This is a big plus for me & a real indication that we are accomplishing great things in my business that was previously holding us back & costing us dearly"                                     - Commercial Cleaners - Nick

"Paul Furlong has been a extreme influence on our business . 
We have just used one ad that he produced and it has returned more in response then in the last 3 months. 
In our opinion if you have the chance to use Paul I would 
highly recommend it because your life and business will change."

Regards Fabian & Angela - Carpet & Steam Cleaning

"If you really want to take your business to the next level Paul Furlong is worth 10 times his fee. As we have used other large & prominent coaching companies and not achieved results or received the advice,  that has been very rewarding in our business with Paul."
Professional services - Noreen

"Paul is fantastic & we are more than willing to recommend him.
He takes the time & concern to talk with you about your ideas &
tells it as it is, not what you want to hear."
Retail - Frank

"Dear Paul,Thank you for becoming part of the Pro lab team and 
bringing your entirely customer-centric perspective to our marketing messages.
Slowly but surely, market perception of our company is changing. 
A competing lab owner said something very interesting to me a few weeks ago, 
“You guys are so very good at marketing yourselves". 
And perception is equivalent to fact in today's noisy marketplace, is it not?
Thanks for your wise and effective contributions."

Nadish, MD

"We have been extremely surprised by Paul’s knowledge & enthusiasm & with just one ad change & design by Paul has given us a 187% increase in response & is growing with each issue of advertising."
Industry - Peter

SAD FACTS... within 4 years 80% of business owners don't achieve success. In fact over a 10 year span, SADLY 24 out of 25 businesses don't achieve success! - enough doom & gloom, this is not going to be you! . . . . as long as you are smart enough to be proactive & take smart business action! . . . As your business coach I show you how to create far greater sales, more customers & business growth that you may be missing out on. SIMPLY by knowing HOW, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN to market or promote your services or products effective & powerfully to maximize YOUR results & response.

Working with YOU asYOUR business coach...                                        
I will help you 
increase your sales with hands on smart business coaching & marketing strategies!

Working with YOU as YOUR business coach...
I Will provide coaching that will show you how to 
effectively promote, market & advertise your products & services with marketing strategies that have increased response in many businesses as much as 830% within weeks! The average response on a well established business is usually min' 35% within 3 months & many smaller businesses far more!

Working with YOU as YOUR business coach . . .
My coaching will show you how to 
increase & attract more customers & clients!

Working with YOU as YOUR business coach,
I will help you to motivate your people to get the job done well & motivate
 commitment & drive! Experienced coaching can make all the difference in your success & happy staff.
Working with YOU as YOUR business coach,
I will show you how to implement procedures &  systems to increase you day to day 
success & smoother operation to 
reduce your stress & free you time.Coaching in smoother operation is priceless.



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