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Areas of impact

Better Business Advice ..... smart business effecting you . . 

Unlock your potential in business 
& achieve high business success!

YES - I can package a workable program for you to achieve greater business growth, business success, 
business promotion & increase customers & increase business profits. Maximise your business potential 
in smart business marketing & business promotion - guaranteed - No matter what budget you have to work with!

 Business help & Business planning -  
6 month & 12 months personal business coaching, business training, business advice & business guidance value packages available now (ask about FREE initial offer $675 you pay only $250 Limited offer per month check if you qualify today! . . . . . . 

So you will accelerate business growth & increase profits.
Unlimited contact & advice via phone, fax, email from myself as your personal business coach. (20 years experience as a business owner,
operator, consultant & coach!) 
I work with you to actually write your advertising copy, setup & advise You on  implementing the business marketing campaigns 
& business systems that will dramatically grow your business. I work with a variety of other business consultants, business advisers, business coaches, business owners, & multi millionaires with “hands on experience” in many industries to advise you & bring to you the best in
business strategies & business growth. 
"Imagine having at your call, the best in the industry of business growth, sales & business marketing to advise 
you as you need, whenever you need it." -That's priceless!

"Putting the pieces of the puzzle together"
 to create the full picture & business success that makes sense . . . . ."
Business solutions in marketing & business promotion to create greater business success & attract more customers.

Make YOUR Business Stand Out 
From The Crowd!
How to attract all the customers from your opposition & keep them!

Growing Your Business Effectively & Consistently!

Not all business coaches & business consultants are the same!


The first point I'd like to make is . . . . . . .
Don't underestimate the value & importance of working with a business coach!
Working with a business coach should make all the difference to your success in business & how quickly you get there!
After 18 years in business myself (successful at that) I engaged a business coach & it radically changed & benefited my success & ways of doing things -
Results for me were over the next 12 months were. . . .
1- Only worked 3 days per week
2- An increase of approx' 35% representing a $320,000 increase that year alone! 
3- A far greater & smoother running & business operation.
4- Less stress & worry
5- More time off to do what I wanted to do in life.
6- More customers
7- Increased $$$ per sale per customer.                                                                 
8- Massive increase in response from all business marketing & business promotion.                                                                                                             
9- Great staff motivation, increase in work completed & jobs performed. 
Don't make the mistake of not moving forward with a business coach (Even if it's not me) & be prepared to make some time to implement some changes & act on the "priceless knowledge & advice you will receive!"
Even 3 hours weekly will radically bring about greater business success!  . . . . "Work smarter not harder"  . . . . . . work with a business coach.


This will save you unlimited amounts of money, time & stress .

SAD FACTS... within 4 years 80% of business owners don't achieve success. In fact over a 10 year span, SADLY 24 out of 25 businesses don't achieve success! - enough doom & gloom, this is not going to be you! . . . . as long as you are smart enough to be proactive & take smart business action! . . . As your business coach I show you how to create far greater sales, more customers & business growth that you may be missing out on. SIMPLY by knowing HOW, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN to market or promote your services or products effective & powerfully to maximize YOUR results & response.

Working with YOU asYOUR business coach...                                        
I will help you 
increase your sales with hands on smart business coaching & marketing strategies!

Working with YOU as YOUR business coach...
I Will provide coaching that will show you how to 
effectively promote, market & advertise your products & services with marketing strategies that have increased response in many businesses as much as 830% within weeks! The average response on a well established business is usually min' 35% within 3 months & many smaller businesses far more!

Working with YOU as YOUR business coach . . .
My coaching will show you how to 
increase & attract more customers & clients!

Working with YOU as YOUR business coach,
I will help you to motivate your people to get the job done well & motivate
 commitment & drive! Experienced coaching can make all the difference in your success & happy staff.
Working with YOU as YOUR business coach,
I will show you how to implement procedures &  systems to increase you day to day 
success & smoother operation to 
reduce your stress & free you time.Coaching in smoother operation is priceless.



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