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Hi there, my name is Paul Furlong & I've got over 20 yrs of experience under my belt as a business owner, business consultant & business coach. I know what it's like to experience the ups & downs, the stresses, disappointments & plain hard work in starting or owning a small-medium sized business. What's more important however is, I've learned how to achieve my goals & reach my business dreams, creating, & enjoying greater business success!

"I'd love to work with you as your business coach to provide you smart business advice & business solutions that will not only save you $$$$ & make you far more successful, but take your business to a place of personal satisfaction & enjoyment without the daily stress & worry of meeting budget & paying the bills, motivating staff & getting everything done to satisfaction & standard!"  - That's business coaching at it's best!

Increase your business success & business growth through smart business marketing & business coaching.

Paul Furlong business growth mentorPaul Furlong business growth mentorPaul Furlong. Married 30 yrs with three beautiful children & lovely wife. Paul is very much a family man & believes in spending quality time & love with children & wife! An avid gardener with 2 acres of ponds, paths & garden, Paul loves nature & values the freedom & beauty of this awesome country. Paul lives on the peninsula Melbourne! Paul believes in doing right & helping & caring for others. With a particular love for the homeless, orphaned in third world nations his vision is to help alleviate this pain & sorrow! While owning & operating his successful business for nearly 30 yrs & becoming one of the most successful in his field in Melbourne, he also pioneered "city care mission" for the needy for nearly 4.5 years & is currently recording his 3rd cd album of his original songs!
Paul travles most month for 10 days to free slaves, rescue orphans & bring love & care across teh globe see 

Paul loves working with many different businesses in various industries achieving in many cases HUGE RESULTS & BUSINESS GROWTH. Understanding all to well how business life effects personal life his aim is to create greater success for the business owner & increase their time off to enjoy life!


In the words of one of Paul's Clients - "Paul brought with him abounding energy & encouragement, together with sound knowledge of marketing strategies. I have found Paul very easy to talk to, readily available & very quick & astute in his responses to my queries. Thanks to Paul my enthusiasm has been renewed & i am excited about the future. My business & I have a new lease of life! He really has changed my business prospects dramatically! "- Jessica. Chiropractor. Melbourne.

SAD FACTS... within 4 years 80% of business owners don't achieve success. In fact over a 10 year span, SADLY 24 out of 25 businesses don't achieve success! - enough doom & gloom, this is not going to be you! . . . . as long as you are smart enough to be proactive & take smart business action! . . . As your business coach I show you how to create far greater sales, more customers & business growth that you may be missing out on. SIMPLY by knowing HOW, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN to market or promote your services or products effective & powerfully to maximize YOUR results & response.

Working with YOU asYOUR business coach...                                        
I will help you 
increase your sales with hands on smart business coaching & marketing strategies!

Working with YOU as YOUR business coach...
I Will provide coaching that will show you how to 
effectively promote, market & advertise your products & services with marketing strategies that have increased response in many businesses as much as 830% within weeks! The average response on a well established business is usually min' 35% within 3 months & many smaller businesses far more!

Working with YOU as YOUR business coach . . .
My coaching will show you how to 
increase & attract more customers & clients!

Working with YOU as YOUR business coach,
I will help you to motivate your people to get the job done well & motivate
 commitment & drive! Experienced coaching can make all the difference in your success & happy staff.
Working with YOU as YOUR business coach,
I will show you how to implement procedures &  systems to increase you day to day 
success & smoother operation to 
reduce your stress & free you time.Coaching in smoother operation is priceless.



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