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About Paul Furlong

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Your Business?
"Better Business Advice" coaching & consulting is leading the way in straight forward, honest, reliable, down to earth, hands on, business coaching & business mentoring."......
Australia wide personal coaching service!

"If you really want to take your business to the next level
Paul Furlong is worth 10 times his fee. As we have used other large & prominent coaching companies and not achieved results or received the advice,  that has been very rewarding in our business with Paul."  Retail Industry

"Paul is fantastic & we are more than willing to recommend him. He takes the time & concern to talk with you about your ideas &
tells it as it is, not what you want to hear."    Importer /wholesaler

"We have been extremely surprised by Paul’s knowledge & enthusiasm & with just one ad change & design by Paul has given us a 187% increase in response & is growing with each issue of advertising."    Manufacturer

BUSINESS Coaching in successful  operation, marketing & growth. . . . .

      Business Coach & Mentor, providing busines
      help & business consulting.
      Paul Furlong is an Endorsed Education     
      Provider/Consultant BBI/Business coach
     (Better Business Institute of Australia) & Senior  
      Consultant BBA (Better Business Advice -
      Coaching & Consulting Services Australia)
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Are You Happy with your current business growth, marketing, success & operation? . . . Is it time to make some changes & receive professional & experienced help that guarantees your greater success!....
Working with a business coach & business mentor will set your business apart from the rest.
The results are clearly seen!

Having the right attitude, the Right Information, and Knowing How, What, When & Where to implement it!
THIS IS A MAJOR KEY  to great business success . "As your business coach & business mentor, I show you the stepping stones needed to see you succeed & guide you step by step! My personal experience, knowledge & ability to make it happen is invaluable to your business growth." . . . . . . .you will experience down to earth, approachable & honest business coaching when you engage my services!   

I am not the same as other
business coaches
(That's my promise)
Because I excel in my service & offer more!
My honesty as a business coach & committment
to my clients leads the industry.

- Unlimited contact/support! 
2 - Hands on help! Actually work with you to write 
     your marketing campaigns etc
3 - Full money back guarantee that we will move
     your business forward to greater
     success together & achieve much needed
     business growth!

If you are really serious about moving your business forward to a greater level of success & sales then my full money back guarantee shows you that I commit to you in my coaching to ensure it happens!  . . . . .
This goes farther than most coaching companies & ensures my attention, interest & commitment to you & your business to see results!
(note: As I personally work as a business coach & business mentor with each client I engage, I regrettably do not engage all who contact me, but rather only those I perceive are seriously seeking help, & I can clearly see that I can lead & coach them to far greater success & business growth!)


Imagine . . . One of the best business growth specialists mentor & coach working with you in all aspects of your business, providing business advice, marketing, promotion & daily operation, oversight & help. As an experienced advertising copywriter, I ensure your marketing & advertising brings you exceptional results, increased profits & more sales. 
As a management & operations specialist business coach, I can mentor you, & reveal to you critical keys you must know & implement into your business to create greater success in staff management, motivation, & day to day operation. Smart business advice & business
coaching that will make all the difference to YOUR BUSINESS!
Smart marketing & operation can . .

Multiply your business to exceeding heights,
create far greater sales, more customers & business growth that you may be missing out on. SIMPLY by knowing . . . . . 
to market or promote your services or products effective & powerfully to maximize YOUR results & response.


Grow YOUR business to te next level!  When YOU work with a “hands on" experienced Business Coach YOU will experience far greater success & enjoy smart, relational & helpful business coaching & business advice, resulting in consisitent business growth!





Many people Know What They Want  from their business!  
Few Know How To Get It . . . . . . . . . 
The solution is "Better

- Business success coaching

A good Business Coach & Business Mentor 
that makes the difference in YOUR business!

You may be good at your trade & know your products, or even offer the best prices, best service, be the most knowledgeable, helpful, most honest, have the biggest & best range or service, be the best looking person & more . . .  . But unfortunately, although it helps, this alone will not ensure your business will be successful. This alone will not ensure you will atain consistent business growth, attract more profitable & loyal customers & achieve your business dreams & manage your business successfully!
You need more . . . . .  more advice, more knowledge, more experience, more help from someone who's been there & done it successfully, with over 20 years experience.
The right advice & help will save you $$$$$$ . . . unlimited amounts! Experienced professional marketing & business operation coaching will save you TIME that you can't afford to waste!
The prevention of . . . . . . . stress, frustration, failure, under achievement & not getting from your business what you deserve is priceless, & anyone who really cares themself, their family, their staff & their business will do what it takes to avoid this common experience!
The Knowledge & help. . . . . . . .to create greater business success & opperation & attract  greater amounts of profitable customers.

Working with YOU as YOUR business coach,                                       
I will help you 
increase your sales with hands on smart business coaching & marketing strategies!

Working with YOU as YOUR business coach.
I Will provide coaching that will show you how to
effectively promote, market & advertise your products & services with marketing strategies that have increased response in many
businesses as much as 830% within weeks! The average response on a well established business is usually min' 35% within 3 months & many smaller businesses far more!

Working with YOU as YOUR business coach . . .
My coaching will show you how to
increase & attract more customers & clients!

Working with YOU as YOUR business coach,

I will help you to motivate your people to get the job done well & motivate 
commitment & drive! Experienced coaching can make all the difference in your success & happy staff.
Working with YOU as YOUR business coach,

I will show you how to implement procedures &  systems to increase you day to day
success & smoother operation to
reduce your stress & free you time. Coaching in smoother operation is priceless.
                    Think about how much that is worth to you, not only in increased $$$, but in less stress self fulfillment & more time away from work!
Isn't it time you worked with your personal business coach & business mentor?

Are you attracting ongoing & increasing inquiries, sales & customers? or engaged in smart
marketing that is rsulting in in successful business growth . . . . If not, then you are missing a lot of potential business
& you certainly won't be growing your business as successfully as you can. Top business people know it's not enough to be exceptionally good at what they do. They know they must also get their name in front of their customers & target market effectively to get results! Let's be honest. Are YOU getting from YOUR business the kind of results YOU need, want, & deserve? 
How about your day to day operation? Are you happy & is your business experiencing smooth, profitable & enjoyable 
management? If not, then you can, starting now!


Top business people
know how to implement smart changes to increase their success & duplicate their abilities in others, while motivating high performance from their people!


Working with you every step of the way to give business help, coaching & business training. The better business advice I deliver is guaranteed to accelerate business growth. Imagine having available to you, unlimited access to your own personal professional & experienced business coach to direct you & advise you, when you need it, & as often as you need business help. The kind of better business advice YOU NEED, to market your services & products effectively & promote yourself to attract an unlimited increase of customers & clients.
To advise & coach YOU how to create a very, very successful business. To turn your business into the success you have always wanted.



     When working closely with your ersonal business coach
you will learn smart business strategies, business marketing, operation & presentation that will be crucial to the development, on going success & day to day operation of your business will save you "thousand$ of dollars", a huge amount of "stress" & "trial & error" & wasted time. Do it right . . . . 
MAXIMISE YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS TODAY with "Better Business Advice", coaching in business growth, business operation & smart business marketing. - GROW YOUR BUSINESS FASTER & CREATE GREATER BUSINESS SUCCESS! The business coach that cares & commits to your success!

Allow me to enable YOU to become wealthy in business! Don't hit & miss as most business owners do these days, wasting time, money, effort & end up stressed, overworked & under paid!  - Discover The Secrets Of Business Growth. Smart Marketing & Promotion Of Your Services & Products to Attract More Profitable Customers & Clients. Grow Your Business & Create Smart, Smooth Day to Day Business Operation. Reduce Stress & Motivate Staff !...with your business mentor working with you hand in hand!


Do YOU need to attract more of the right customers
& clients, increase your marketing & promotion success? 

Maybe YOU are stressed & frustrated with your day to day
operation & work load.
Need to create smoother operation
& motivate staff.

Do YOU want to save time, stress & $$$ in smart business
operation & marketing?


With the right direction
& care You can create 
greater business
success & growth!




To create & own a successful, profitable,
growing business!
What is that worth to you?
I believe it's priceless!
How can you put a price on achieving your dreams
& creating the success in business that you want & need
A happy & profitable business is the goal . . . . .
& it's achievable.
If you plan for it & create
it! Isn't it time to work with a business coach? . . .



Business Coaching Services Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart & every Australian State . . . .Better Business Advice, works to give exceptional service, personal attention & support to many businesses in all field & industries.  Working with you in business help as a . . . . Business Coach & Business Mentor! As a business coach, I work with you to coach you in the best proven business success strategies & marketing to grow your business fast & successfully. When working with Better Business Advice, that's exactly what you'll get . . . . . . . Better Business Advice! Business growth & success coaching that will make all the difference in your business! Business Consultant! As a business consultant, I make myself available to you to provide you with successful business advice & smart business marketing 
that will guarantee you achieve better business results & attain greater business growth, increase sales & better business promotion & day to day operation.
usiness Mentor & Business Coach! It's very important in business to be able to talk with someone who has been there & experienced what needs to be done to achieve greater success. It's also just as important that you relate well & feel heard when dealing with your coach & when asking for better business advice. I work with each business on an individual basis & provide understanding & patient, experienced support & advice!

I will work alongside you to make sure you grow your business, attract more profitable customers/clients, increase cash flow, increase profits & create greater business success ....... As your personal business mentor, business coach & business consultant, I actually work with you to ensure you do it right in business every step of the way!  -
As a matter of fact I'm so certain I can make a massive difference & accelerate business
growth that I offer a certified 110% guarantee
or your money back! (condition apply)


Your Trust in me is not taken lightly - 
On every "Full Contact" Coaching Package,
I guarantee you investment 110%.

Business Growth Marketing -


"If you continue to do what you've always done, you will continue to get what you've always got!"
Isn't it time for a change for the better!

Discover The Secrets 
Of business growth & smart business operation

Is Your business Making You Money? 

SADLY within 4 years 80% of business owners don't achieve success. In fact over a 10 year span, SADLY 24 out of 25 businesses don't achieve success! - enough doom & gloom, this is not going to be you! . . . . as long as you are smart enough to be proactive & take smart business action! . . . AS your business coach I show you how!

"Let's make it happen together, or chances are it may not happen at all.
Don't give up & don't put it off.    CONTACT ME TODAY!   
I'll get straight back to you & work with you to get your business moving forward!"

The right knowledge is priceless!
However knowledge without direction & action is useless!

Isn't it time you created a successful, enjoyable lifestyle & income?

Success waits for no man or woman & can only be captured by those who take action! 
GROW YOUR BUSINESS TODAY! - Better Business Advice - Business Coaching Services. Copywriter & Business help! 

  or Call me directly now for FREE 1800 038264
Better Business Advice is leading the way in straightforward, honest & reliable,
down to earth, hands on business coaching services & business mentoring.


My Clients - Click here to see what types of
businesses I work with & see their comments,
results & "their Say"on how they have
experienced great business coaching services!

If you really want to take your business to the next level Paul Furlong is worth 10 times his fee. As we have used other large & prominent coaching companies and not achieved results or received the advice,  that has been very
rewarding in our business with Paul."
- Professional services - Noreen

"I engaged Paul Furlong as my business coach at the commencement of my business as I wanted to get it right from the beginning & not waste time & money. The response from all the marketing campaigns have been amazing.
6 months into my business I am steadily growing a further 35% every month on average. I’m very happy!"
- Retail Naomi

"Paul is a fantastic coach & we are more than willing to recommend him. He takes the time & concern to talk with you about your ideas & tells it as it is, not what you want to hear."
- Retail - Frank

"Paul Furlong, as a business coach has been a extreme influence on our business . We have just used one ad that he produced and it has returned more in response then in the last 3 months. We are now up 48% in only a few months. In our opinion if you have the chance to use Paul I would highly recommend it because your life and business will change."
- Regards Fabian & Angela -Carpet & Steam Cleaning